3 Trends for 2011 Commercial Holiday Cards

holiday greeting cards 300x256 3 Trends for 2011 Commercial Holiday CardsWhen you plan for your postcard printing for the holidays this year, you may want to look into the the trends. They are there to set the tone of the season and send cheer despite the downturns in the economy.

1. Colors and Sparkle

The holiday colors of reds, greens, silver and gold can uplift the spirit of the receiver. You can add glitter to the images and choose bright colors for the font or the paper. Remember that envelopes can be customized so dress them up as well.

2. Heartwarming Winter Scenery

Holiday card printing services are turning to photos with idyllic winter landscapes that will spark some kind of recall in the mind of the receiver of happier times. The mood will be significant in this economy when everyone would need to look forward to change and a promising year ahead.

3. Special Promotions

One inclusion in holiday direct mail that never runs out of style regardless of the state of the economy are the special offers and discounts. Business owners use this to thank their customers for a year that had been and keep their patronage in the coming year.



Source: Stationersguild.org

Top 3 Elements Travel Brochures Contain to Sell

brochure printing services toronto 300x183 Top 3 Elements Travel Brochures Contain to SellThe travel industry uses brochure printing extensively to lure its customers and for good reason. Brochures are handy, and if you fill them with certain must-have elements, they are sure to promote your agency.

1. Enticing Landscapes

Indeed, a picture will paint a thousand words if your travel agency will take the time to pick the most scenic harbors, idyllic sunsets and lush rainforests. Your lack in photography skills should not stop you from hiring the professionals to capture these dreamy locations and have your reader imagine themselves in them.

2. Tempting Descriptions

To accompany the inviting images of beaches and quaint towns, your copy should be as intriguing as the pictures. If copywriting is part of the printing services offered, grab that chance to have an expert draft the suitable content.

3. Affordable Packages

A travel brochure is still useless without the numbers. The potential customer may be considering a vacation the instant they open your brochure, but they have to know if they could afford it or if they can get a price reduction if they go by your travel agency to book. If you are unable to include the prices, then stick in a discount coupon instead. Write down your contact information as well so they will know where to go next.



Source: Knol.google.com

Direct Mail Envelope Dilemmas: Solved

direct mail calgary Direct Mail Envelope Dilemmas: SolvedOnce you have completed your flyer printing task, you may want to send a few copies through the mail. Jump right into the envelope-stuffing part with the following guidelines:

1.  Will a window make a difference?

No. While a window can cut a step in addressing your direct mail, its presence has no bearing whatsoever on whether your envelope will be opened or whether it will move the reader into action. Thus, feel free to go either way on this.

2.  Is a white envelope better?

When you speak of printing services costs, there is always the impression that a plain envelope in white will cost less. If you are on a tight budget, then you may have no other choice. Know, however, that opting for a colored envelope or one that has  an eye-catching graphic or art on it will generate more response. Even a witty catchphrase can lure a reader to read its contents. While you are at it, do something creative with the back part. Readers tend to pay attention to that as well.

3.  Will a thick envelope be a disadvantage?

If you have quite a bulk to pack, never fear. Many recipients are curious about the thicker-than-most envelopes they get in the mail. Thus, your advertisement will likely be opened in this case.


Source: Presentation-pointers.com


The Bad News About Email Marketing

direct mail marketing toronto 300x225 The Bad News About Email MarketingBefore you extol the merits of email marketing over postcard printing, acknowledge first that every strategy has its own downsides. True, if you write and design your own copy, you will not be spending more than a chunk of your time. You will not also be paying for stamps. The trade-off for these, however, would have you thinking twice about going for this strategy to promote your products.

1. Spam Risk

The web equivalent of the trash bin for flyer printing is the spam folder. These are created by email hosts precisely to prevent newsletters like yours from cluttering the inbox folder. Since this is almost always automatic, the chance is high for your target customer to not even see a word of your advertisement.

2. Customer Behavior

Even if your ad will make it to the inbox, there is also that little factor you have to consider. Not all people would bother to check their email everyday so these would pile up over time. When your customer gets around to reading your email, your special, internet-only limited offer would have long expired.

3. Unreliable Addresses

Some people switch emails faster than they change clothes. Since they are not likely to change residences as quickly, it would be better for you to send the ad to a physical address.


Source: Businessmarketingplan.net

Back-to-Basics Hints for Brochure Content Writing

printing services toronto Back to Basics Hints for Brochure Content WritingWriting a copy for your brochure printing project can be the most challenging part of the whole process. The tendency of business owners in selling their products is to enumerate its benefits and entice their customers with discounts and special offers. While these may be a reliable way to go about it, this method can also backfire. A brochure, after all, is not a mere mouthpiece. It is as much of a representative of your company as your customer service employee and the whole organization.

Selling to a Demographic may Not be Enough

The amount you paid for your brochure printing services will go down the drain if you are intent on cramming your material with sales pitches and lengthy explanations why your customer cannot live without your product. No matter how well you know your target demographic, the reader is still a human being. They can be jaded, have short attention spans or going through hard times. Before you print that witty headline or persuasive copy, update yourself first of the recent advertising trends, research and studies. The tone of your copy that might have worked in past campaigns may not be that effective now. Re-acquaint yourself with your customers and write to them accordingly.


Source: Kuraoka.com

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